The Six-Point Lead Project was born in the summer 2008 when Benny (Disarmonia Mundi, Dying Awkward Angel), Sergio (Art Of Darkness, Dying Awkward Angel), Cosimo (Broken Art, Dying Awkward Angel) and Claudio (Disarmonia Mundi) met each other to start up a new metal band, something more catchy and more aggressive than the bands they've been in before. In the following months the guys write down a bu nch of raw tracks and new riffs and completed one of the best line-ups in the Turin area when Luca (Technophobia) joined the band in the late november 2008.  TAfter an year of intense work, Six-Point Lead release their first EP 'General Anaesthesia', an astonishing mixture of brutal violence, romantic melodies, blasting drum beats, awesome guitar duels and orchestral overtures. Mixed by Luca Sbaragli @ Phobic Studios and mastered by the well known Alessandro Vanara [], this EP contains 4 tracks of insane metal aggression in the vein of modern american metal bands.! In January 2010 Claudio e Luca left the band, and were subsequently replaced respectively by Alessandro Martinengo and Salvatore Lumetta. In summer 2012, Six-Point Lead have just completed their first full lenght album, 'Light Lies', due for a release next Fall 2012: recorded at their SmashingRabbit Studios and Mixed by the almighty Salvatore Lumetta and mastered by their good old friend Alessandro Vanara, this album contains all the raging power and complex arrangments of the previous EP combined with much more vocal insanity, crushing guitar riffs, catchy choruses, tremendous drum&bass work and crazy guitar solos to literally destroy your hears!!
Benny Bianco Chinto: Vocals
Sergio Costa: Guitars
Cosimo De Nola: Drums
Alessandro Martinengo: Guitars
Salvatore Lumetta: Bass
Label Buil2Kill Records
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